At Hal Clyde Denison Limited, we recognise the critical role—our people play in the success and growth of our business. It is the skill and initiative of our people that sets us apart from our peers in today’s knowledge-driven economy. It is their commitment and dedication that lends us the competitive edge, and helps us stay ahead of the curve.

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Parikshit Singh

IR Director

Singh (DIN: 08559462) is the IR Director at Hal Clyde Denison Limited. He has a proven track record of driving results and execution of many strategy shifts for his IR clients companies.

He is also known for taking personal interest in many social endeavours of regional domain—in the areas of health and education.

Parikshit Singh is registered with the Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs’ Independent Director’s Databank as an ID, bearing registration number: IDDB-NR-202207-038921. He is open to working with organizations where Integrity and Good Governance are valued.

Member of the Board of Directors of Hal Clyde Denison Limited
Postal Address
11/498 Bhawani Singh Lane
Jaipur 302005, Rajasthan, India