ACC Expands Capacity in the North

15 February 2022 • Parikshit Singh

ACC Limited, a member company of Holcim India, announced the successful commissioning of 1.6 MTPA Grinding Unit (GU) at Tikaria in the State of Uttar Pradesh. The additional capacity will add 1.6 MTPA of cement to the existing capacity of 2.31 MTPA, taking the total capacity at Tikaria GU at 3.91 MTPA.

The foundation stone of Tikaria GU was laid in January 2021 with an aim to contribute significantly in servicing the growing market, strengthening ACC”s presence in the central region, and further adding value to its business. The new facility will manufacture environment-friendly cement products with low carbon emissions.

The support of the State Government and the local authorities helped in the smooth execution and successful start-up of the Project. Throughout the project implementation, the Company ensured health & safety protocols as well being of the employees and workers, including COVID-19 guidelines and best construction safety practices.

With cement demand projected to increase in India, development CAPEX projects are being kick-started to increase clinker and cement capacities across the country. As announced earlier, the Company is progressing well to increase its capacity, i.e., 2.7 MT of clinker and 4.8 MTPA of cement by 2024.

Mr. Sridhar Balakrishnan, MD & CEO, ACC Limited, said, “ACC’s strong belief and resilience in these difficult times enabled the team to commission the additional capacity at Tikaria GU. Meticulous planning and collaborative approach of the Tikaria team has been the driving force in setting a new benchmark by ACC in these unprecedented times.”

Infrastructure is expected to continue the growth momentum in the long run. The initiatives taken by the government in the budget make the growth momentum more certain. An increase in supply will help the company in increasing its market share.

Source: Exchange Filings

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