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We’ve been showcased as one of the top environmental consulting companies/startups in India, by futurology.life

11 July 2022
Parikshit Singh

At Hal Clyde Denison Limited, we’re always working hard to help our clients grow their businesses by providing smart, Environmentally Conscious IR services. We’re thrilled to see that we’ve been showcased by futurology.life as one of the top environmental consulting companies/startups in India. We’d like to take this opportunity to give a huge thank you to futurology.life for the showcase and congratulate the other brilliant companies who were also featured.

Understanding investors’ expectations is an important task for management and the Board, it helps to guide management decisions on strategy and strategy related internal processes.

The rise of ESG is unstoppable.

As Larry Fink said, “ESG will transform all investing”. We agree. There is extensive research and evidence illustrating that ESG portfolios outperform the market. High ESG scores are considered a proxy for overall good corporate management. High ESG scores also tends to indicate a company with a clearly understood and communicated corporate purpose.

Governance of ESG within a business is often the primary indicator of whether a business takes sustainability and ESG seriously.

Investors may ask the question, what is the role and commitment of corporate management and the Board of Directors to environmental and social issues? Leading businesses have developed a profile for ESG management and increasingly link senior management remuneration to ESG performance indicators.

ESG: environmental, social and governance reporting and performance analysis is to enable investors to assess sustainability criteria alongside more conventional financial analysis in the investment decision-making process. Numerous organizations, backed by institutional finance request information from companies to collect and assess company ESG practices.

Want to learn more about our ESG services? Schedule a meeting with us today, to learn more about how ESG based Investor Relations can help your company.

Investors are taking a growing interest in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of the companies in which they invest, which is why we help target ESG messaging to current and prospective investors for our clients.

For any Investor Relations enquiries, please contact: parikshit.singh@hcden.com

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