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Hal Clyde Denison (HCDEN) Investor Relations (IR)
Management Services

Visibility in a Crowded Market

Each client has different IR needs. From turnarounds, to messaging after a transformative acquisition or other significant event, to management changes to lack of attention despite strong performance, HCDEN IR’s team has seen it all. We customize IR strategies to each client’s need to provide targeted exposure and effective communications. Our team has built a track record of delivering consistent results that exceed our clients’ expectation. We partner with our clients to capture investor mindshare and create long-term shareholder value.

Independent Investor Relations Management Services

Being an investor ourselves, we know what the capital markets community wants from listed entities — and with our services, companies can communicate their business performance and future plans effectively and specifically with their targeted prospective investors.


Identifying potential shareholders

Networking with Brokerage Houses and Private Investors on a periodic basis while avoiding investors with potential conflicts.

Investor community marketing

Dissemination of information using Corporate Announcements — Press Releases with High Quality PDFs and phrases to communicate effectively with targeted groups.

HCDEN Xclusive:
Website development, hosting and maintenance

As a part of Investor Relations

Hal Clyde Denison Investor Relations

Providing Independent Investor Relations Management Services for public as well as private corporations. HCDEN IR communicates with the capital markets community, so that investors can gain a greater understanding about our client’s business, governance, financial performance and future growth prospects.

  • Annual Report Development
  • Presentation Development
  • Website development, hosting and maintenance
  • Fund Raising Advisory – Equity and Debt
  • Press Releases & Corporate Announcements Optimization
  • Letterhead Quality and Design
  • Corporate Image Enhancement
  • Analytics

    • Monthly Sectoral Newsletters
    • Weekly Peer Group Capital Market Analysis
    • Company & Peer group Quarterly Analysis

Investor Relations
for your Company

Annual Report / Presentation Development

Using Exclusive HCDEN Design with — State of the Art Images with adequate and appealing sentences. Engaging potential investors with content.

Our Services include:

Advising companies on corporate governance practices and disclosure standards and preparing professional level communication material.

HCDEN Xclusive Design

Creating high quality — personalized documents/reports and presentations. Working closely with clients to create state of the art material to present content effectively.


Hal Clyde Denison Limited has direct relationships with a majority of the brokerage houses in India, from domestic retail brokerage houses to large MNC institutional brokerage houses. HCDEN IR assures its corporate clients that we will strive to meet analysts across all brokerage houses proactively and independently over a sustained period of time in order to increase the awareness and understanding of the Company. We also have direct relationships with majority of the domestic mutual funds, insurance companies, Portfolio Management Services and also several Ultra High Networth Individuals. Additionally, The HCDEN IR team maintains strong relationships with several strategic investors and private equity firms. Over a period of time Valorem would seek to increase the investor base of the client company and align its investor strategies with the company’s short and long term strategies.

We do not hold or trade in stocks of our client companies.


Reasons to choose us

1. Not a Broker;
nor a PR company

Please note that we are neither Brokers nor a Public Relations company, we in fact work independent of them and in good synergy with them. Our service offering has been proven to save management time, energy and bandwidth. We work as an extended arm of the companies we represent and manage capital market interactions for them in a proactive manner, we also develop investor collaterals, manage capital market relationships and perform various value added analyses for them.

2. We know what the capital markets community
wants to hear from listed entities

Being an investor ourselves, we know what the capital markets community wants from listed entities — and with our services, companies can communicate their business performance and future plans effectively and specifically with their targeted — prospective investors.

We develop and present information that appeals to the investor community.
Developments include: Presentations, Press Releases, Annual Report and Corporate Profiles

3. Cheaper than hiring
an IR/PR Employee

We work very hard to offer unique services to the corporation by developing a very comprehensive and customized plan based on the corporation’s needs and requirements at a minimal price. With HCDEN IR, even a micro-cap entity can maintain and enhance their corporate image in the capital markets community.

Benefits of

  • Corporate image enhancement
  • Larger Shareholder-base
  • Fundraising Advisory
  • Time Saving
  • Improved Visibility
  • Strong link between Investors and Corporations
  • Effective Communication
  • Cost Efficient
  • Increases Liquidity

In the crowded field of public companies, a clear investment story is a rare occurrence.

In a survey of analysts, less than 20% of investor communications ranked as “very good”.

There’s strong evidence that effective IR makes impacts a company’s valuation. Successful meetings and presentations differentiate your company using materials that clearly, concisely, and comprehensively tell the strongest investment story. HCDEN’s comprehensive approach to IR communications creates compelling investment stories that will make you stand out and ultimately improve your valuation.

With over 5,000 companies listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange:

Competition for investor, analyst and media attention is strong, with the risk that un-nurtured relationships and low, or even no visibility with such groups, can result in a quoted company having limited access to these audiences and in turn low stock valuations.

Strong relationships with more than 50 Buy Side Institutions

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