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The HCDEN IR Scorecard is the C-Suite’s measure of investor engagement, a researched/calculated score on the efficacy of a corporation’s access strategies versus 7 peers.

HCDEN IR Scorecard
is a flexible solution

  • A small cap with little analyst coverage sources and distributes HCDEN IR research content to grow its investor pool
  • An IR service firm uses HCDEN IR Scorecard to provide a new targeting service
  • A CEO relies on HCDEN IR Scorecard to suggest new investor appointments for an upcoming Delhi trip
  • A brokerage desk identifies likely buyers of your company by analyzing peer investors with the help of HCDEN IR
  • An IRO manages analyst day invitations and identifies three new probable investors (with the help of HCDEN IR) who but can’t attend the event, but who want to schedule a phone meeting instead as

An industry first

The HCDEN IR Scorecard is a unique perspective on investor relations. Because IR and the C-Suite are the keepers of corporate liquidity, the Scorecard is a core tool to measure the quality and stability of shareholder engagement in the past, present, and future. Effective engagement can stabilize liquidity, earning the company a lower cost of capital.

Six Factors of
Investor Engagement

The Scorecard assesses 6 factors of institutional investor engagement across the BSE and approximately 500 institutional investors. It is a standard, consistent measure the C-suite can use to improve the return on their IR investment.

How reliant are you on your top 10 holders?

What is investor exposure relative to peers?

How long do investors remain owners?

Which owners are buying vs selling your stock?

How many investors own your stock?

How much might owners increase their positions?

More data, More insights, Better ROI

Analytics are only as powerful as the data you feed them. Intro-act aggregates publicly available ownership, fundamental, valuation, technical and sentiment data. In addition to this information, the data that is most useful over time is a user’s passive activity data. The key to making Intro-act more useful to you over time is to make it your data aggregator for all access events, including maintaining an updated target list, and requesting all access event touchpoints come through the platform, including access event preparatory research from the site. Intro-act is constantly learning from your activity.

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