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Asymmetric Strategies in Investor Relations translates to the set of possible results of an implemented strategy where the upside potential exceeds the downside risk.

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IR in the Capital Markets Community

By Pulkit Saini

Increasingly, we are seeing that investors are just as interested in how a company goes about making profit as they are in how much profit a company makes. For example, there is an increasing interest in the ESG aspects of a business. It is therefore important that we have all the necessary information to holistically meet our investors’ expectations – and the IR function is critical in ensuring we meet this obligation.

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Importance of corporate governance among small caps

By Parikshit Singh

Despite its importance, lack of corporate governance is one of the biggest challenges faced by small-cap companies. These companies usually trail their larger peers when it comes to corporate governance as big companies usually have an abundance of resources to support evolved governance structures and related reporting. The lack of high-quality corporate governance in small caps also stems from management’s intense focus on achieving growth and profitability targets, which can make governance a lower priority.

Wonders in the Antarctic Sea and Sky

Investor relations during an economic slowdown

By Parikshit Singh

Recession can be disorienting and put increased pressure on management and their investor relations (IR) team to take the right steps to balance investor’s need for information with the best interests of the company amidst a rapidly changing environment.

HCDEN IR Scorecard

The HCDEN IR Scorecard is the C-Suite’s measure of investor engagement.

The Scorecard is the base HCDEN IR service, a client’s first step to turn investor relations from a cost center to a profit center. The past, present, and future efficacy of investor engagement for a corporation and 7 peers is scored.

The Scorecard includes predicted buyers and sellers, relative ownership vs peers, and score analysis.

The Scorecard assesses 6 factors of institutional investor engagement across the BSE and approximately 500 institutional investors. It is a standard, consistent measure the C-suite can use to improve the return on their IR investment.

“We operate in an environment where decisions made — impact the long term sustainability of our clients almost daily — this requires us to be extra vigilant in our role as an IR Agency.”