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Delivering market leading investment results to our capital partners through a series of asymmetric trading strategies

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We can perform well only if our portfolio gets disproportionately rewarded for the level of risk we assume.

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How our most recent acquisition enhanced our research capabilities

Consulting Services

We cater to clients in Northern India towards Business Process / Performance Improvement.
See Also — HCDEN IR (A Part of HCDEN Consulting): Providing Independent Investor Relations Management Services for public as well as private corporations.

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Independent Investor Relations Management Services

Being an investor ourselves, we know what the capital markets community wants from listed entities — and with our services, companies can communicate their business performance and future plans effectively and specifically with their prospective investors.

Our Services include: Advising companies on corporate governance practices and disclosure standards, preparing professional level communication material, identifying potential shareholders and investor community marketing.

Commitment to execution was the driving force for entering into investments. And Consulting became a part of our business as a result of that very same commitment.

The Company’s primary activity is researching Indian markets to create tradable strategies (for self-use). With our consulting division, we cater to clients in Northern India towards Business Process / Performance Improvement.

Ruchi Soya Q4 Results; Revenue rises by 38%

By Parikshit Singh

Ruchi Soya Ltd reported revenues from operations of INR 6,664.4 crores for the March quarter, up by 38% against INR 4,839 crores reported a year ago and up by 6% against INR 6,280 crores reported in the preceding quarter.

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Aether Industries IPO Opens

By Pulkit Saini

Aether Industries is a specialty chemical manufacturer in India focused on producing advanced intermediates and specialty chemicals involving complex and differentiated chemistry and technology core competencies. The company is coming out with an IPO which is a mix of fresh issue and offer for sale.

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HPCL Net Profit drops 41%; Q4 results out

By Parikshit Singh

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation posted its of earnings performances in its Q4FY22 results. The results were largely below the market expectations, the growth in top line was on account of high crude oil prices but the company was not able to pass on the rising prices to customers and this resulted in a decline in its net profit.

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Disclaimer: Insights reflect the opinions of only the authors who are associated persons of the Company. They are for informational purposes only, and are not a recommendation of an investment strategy or to buy or sell any security in any account. They are also not research reports and are not intended to serve as the basis for any investment decision.

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Stage 4 Maturity

Upgrading the Investment Process
Improving the portfolio’s performance

Information technology investment management (ITIM) traces its roots to the 1952 work of Harry Markowitz on Portfolio Selection (Markowitz, 1952). In this work, Markowitz proposed a new theory of financial investing based on a portfolio of investments balanced by a number of factors, with expected return, diversification, and risk being primary.

Markowitz suggested that a portfolio with the proper balance of investments provided a higher return over time to the investor than simply evaluating each investment on its own merits. This theory is now referred to as Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and Markowitz received a Nobel Prize in 1990 for his work.

GAO IT Investment Management Framework (PDF File)


Currently Developing: Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Technologies to create sophisticated research and modelling capabilities to invest in Indian listed securities.


Leading with Integrity

We recognise the critical role—our people play in the success and growth of our business. It is the skill and initiative of our people that sets us apart from our peers in today’s knowledge-driven economy. It is their commitment and dedication that lends us the competitive edge, and helps us stay ahead of the curve.

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“We operate in an environment where decisions made — impact the long term sustainability of the organization almost daily — this makes managing and mitigating risk more important than endeavouring to earn higher returns.”